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Response time

After the user submits the after-sales repair application, he will be contacted by the after-sales engineer to confirm the repair plan within 48 hours


Shipping repair cost

KaiYi provides mailing / sending service methods. If it is not convenient for the user to send directly to the service center designated by Kaiyi, you can choose to mail to the after-sales center of Kaiyi factory. The users within the warranty and the Kaiyi each bear the cost of their own mail, and the users outside the warranty bear the full cost of the delivery (twice) .


Non-guaranteed content

Does not belong to the scope of warranty service, but can be repaired for a fee

1. Out-of-warranty maintenance refers to products that exceed the manufacturer's warranty period;

2. Unauthorized disassembly and assembly caused by non-Korean doctors caused product damage;

3. Replacement of vulnerable parts and consumable parts specified in the product manual that are not covered by the warranty

4. Damage to product parts caused by improper use, maintenance and maintenance by users during the warranty period;

5. Product damage caused by the user's poor use environment or force majeure (such as abnormal voltage, lightning strike, flood, fire, etc.);

(The warranty period for spare parts that are charged for replacement is 6 months, and the warranty period starts from the date of replacement.)

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