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Nebulizer operation steps

1. The atomizing cup is filled with liquid medicine (not to exceed the maximum liquid volume)

2. Turn on the power switch

3. After the host works normally, use the connecting pipe to connect the air outlet of the host to the atomizing cup, one end is connected to the air outlet of the host, and the other end is connected to the atomizing cup

4. Hand-held atomization device for atomization treatment

5. After completing the atomization treatment, turn off the power

6. Unplug the atomizer cup connection tube, confirm whether there are water drops or moisture in the connection tube, remove the connection tube

7. Unplug the power plug from the power outlet



1. Install the atomizer cup correctly

2. Please clean and disinfect the atomizing device after each use

3. Do not use in the state where the connecting pipe is bent

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