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Atomizer failure

Atomizer failure

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1. Reasons for odor in the airflow of the atomizer:
Reason one: At the beginning of the machine, plastic parts such as catheters and masks will emit odor, which is normal. Exclusion method: This odor is the normal odor emitted by the silicone tube and ABS plastic. It is non-toxic and harmless after testing. With the use of the machine, the odor will slowly disappear.
Reason two: Whether the atomizing cup, catheter and mask have not been cleaned and disinfected for a long time, resulting in the smell of the atomizing cup set. Remedy: Clean the spray cup kit and disinfect.
Cause three: Whether the air filter cotton has not been replaced for a long time, resulting in excessive accumulation of impurities in the filter cotton and odor. Remedy: replace the air filter cotton.
2. The reason why the mist from the atomizer is smaller than usual:
Reason one: Is the connection port of the catheter not connected securely? An air leak causes insufficient flow to the atomizing cup. Remedy: Connect the airway connection firmly until there is no air leakage.
Cause two: Is there any impurities in the air outlet in the middle of the atomizing cup that are clogging, resulting in unsmooth air? Remedy: clean the air outlet of the atomizing cup until it is completely unobstructed.
3. The reason why the atomizer does not emit fog at startup:
Cause one: Is the baffle in the middle of the atomizing cup missing, causing the atomizing cup not to work properly. Remedy: Install the baffle of the atomizer cup, and pay attention to the baffle when cleaning the atomizer cup to prevent loss.
Reason two: Whether the air outlet of the atomizing cup is blocked by impurities, so that the air of the atomizing cup cannot be exhausted. Remedy: Clean the air outlet of the atomizing cup and know that it is completely unobstructed.
Cause three: Is there too much liquid medicine, without the baffle, resulting in the atomizer cup not working properly. Remedy: Reduce the liquid to below the highest mark of the atomizing cup.
4. Reasons why the atomizer cannot be turned on normally:
Cause one: Is there any abnormality in the power outlet, which prevents the normal power supply. Remedy: replace the power socket.
Reason two: compressor failure. Remedy: Turn off the power, submit for repair, and repair it by professionals.
Reason three: The atomizer circuit is malfunctioning. Remedy: Turn off the power, submit for repair, and repair it by professionals.


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